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The Black Sea Coast Almanac on its way to stakeholders

Sensitivity Mapping of the Black Sea Coast – Joint Project with the Institute of Oceanology

TotalEnergies and its partners OMV and Repsol cooperated with the Institute of Oceanology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to publish the Sensitivity Mapping and Analysis of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coastal Zone (Black Sea Coast Almanac).

Initially developed as part of the safety and environmental preparation process of the exploration activities offshore of Bulgaria, it was enriched by the scientists of the Institute of Oceanology, and we then decided to publish it and share it with the general public.

Contributing to the Knowledge about the Status of the Black Sea Coast

The Black Sea Coast Almanac contains valuable information on the environmental status of the Bulgarian coast from Durankulak to Rezovo. The high-quality publication comprising works from scientists, pictures and maps is the first one in 40 years to describe comprehensively the sensitive areas of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, including its geology, flora and fauna, habitats and archaeological sites.

The book has been digitalized in 2018 and is accessible in English for everyone interested in the subject.

To the Almanac :

TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria as a Responsible Member of the Black Sea Community

As part of its commitment to support Black Sea projects TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria has already donated the Black Sea Coast Almanac to numerous national and local stakeholders. These include schools, universities, libraries, ministries, Black Sea municipalities, NGOs and others. In 2019 we supported financially the publication of the Bulgarian version of the Almanac and we have already donated more than 150 copies to different organizations and administrations.

TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria aims to increase the awareness on the status of the Black Sea coast and hopes that the Almanac will become a valued source of information for students and scientists.

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