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Handbook for Maritime Culture

Handbook for maritime culture


A joint project of Association “For intelligent growth” and TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria encourages youngsters to know better the Black Sea, to learn how to behave at sea and how to preserve its treasures.

The project for preparing a handbook for maritime culture, started in 2020. In the first phase, the Association “For intelligent growth”, gathered a group of students and mentors with the aim to collect information and to write texts, in accessible and comprehensible language, about different aspects of the maritime culture (etiquette at the boat and on the ship, preserving the flora and the fauna in the Black Sea, fines for pollution, marine professions, women in marine professions, safe behavior at the beach). Thanks to TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria, Cor Caroli academy provided to the students the chance to follow trainings in sailing at sea.

Preparation for a large distribution

The second phase, realized entirely with the financial support of TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria, resulted in designing of the handbook and printing of 2000 copies of it. From April 2022 the books will be distributed for free to students, to University, school and municipal libraries.

The electronic version of the handbook in Bulgarian is already available online here  and in Cor Caroli sailing academy website.

This initiative is a continuation of TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria’s commitment to support Black Sea projects and to promote the sustainable use and protection of the marine resources.


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