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28/11/2021 News

The course “Sustainable development, CSR and Ethics” – professionals transmitting their expertise to young Bulgarians

During the third week of November 2021, Jean-Pierre Cordier and Philippe Persillon, from the Association “Total Professeurs Associés”(TPA), gave a series of lectures on “States and Corporations:Sustainable development, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Ethics” to 22 Bulgarian students and young professionals.

The online training was traditionally organized in close cooperation, between TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University. Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, Dean of the faculty and Director of the Master’s program “Energy markets and Services", officially opened the course.

The lectures, based on the broad expertise of the speakers, were enriched by numerous examples and case studies. It was reminded that companies are a major actor of the social system and that their CSR arises from the larger notion of sustainable development and the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The participants obtained general knowledge of the relationships between States, Companies and stakeholders, about the contracts in international energy companies, about the challenges of CSR policies, the practical implementation and lessons from it. They learnt a lot about ethics and the application of a Code of conduct in the companies. Vassia Nikolovska, Head of Legal and corporate affairs of TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria presented to the audience an overview of the CSR activities of the branch for the last decade.

As part of the commitment to its academic partners, TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria supports financially and technically educational sessions, related to Oil&Gas industry and sustainable development, which are free of charge for the Bulgarian participants.