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Tsvetelina Dimitrova

Tsvetelina Dimitrova, Senior Contracts Engineer, Total E&P Bulgaria

Tsvetelina Dimitrova


Have you ever aspired to a position in an international oil & gas company?

Before joining the company I had 11 years of experience in a similar position in a mining company. I was already very interested in the oil and gas industry for a couple of years when I saw Total's job advertisement so I was immensely excited to apply for the position. What was a bit uneasy to me was the presence of "Engineer" in the name and the requirements of the position as I don't hold an engineering degree. Due to my experience and the knowledge gained in the mining industry with an international company, but moreover thanks to the training and support from Total and my colleagues, I easily became part of the team and my fears have cleared away.

So learning new things is a big part of your experience with Total?

The beauty of entering a new business, a new industry – especially this one – is that you gain special knowledge every single day. My responsibility is to apply it to the Procurement and Contracting activities I’m involved in. What is most inspiring to me is that here the technology has reached incredible heights and business and operations are done in an extremely professional way. Total is one of the leaders in using state of the art techniques for exploration and production of oil and gas. It is interesting for me to work with the company's specialists who have amazing know-how.

How does your work contribute to Total's better energy commitment?

It is our department’s role to negotiate with suppliers and contract the best available technologically advanced, safe and environmentally friendly means (materials, equipment, services and the like) to perform our operations for the most economically efficient prices. To achieve balance in this, it is our biggest goal and everyday challenge.

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The beauty of entering this industry is learning new things. Every day.



December 2014 - 2019

Senior Contracts Engineer, Total E&P Bulgaria



Senior Contract Administrator, Projects and Investments Department, Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD



Master Degree in Corporate Business and Management, Bachelor Degree in Marketing (University of Economics, Varna)